Nairobi Upperhill Junior Academy.

About us

Nairobi Upper Hill Junior Academy is tucked up in a calm serene enclave in the vicinity of the emerging Upper Hill business estate, along Menengai Street. It’s surrounded by Towering upcoming Commercial Buildings but its green, grassy, well kept lawns mark out a great contrast from the surrounding concrete environment.


The school has been in operation for the last Ten years as a Pre-school setting the foundation for children to transit into Primary Education, well grounded and ready for the rigors of Formal Education. It is has been a home to over 500 children over the years.

Nairobi Upper Hill Junior Academy is the brainchild of Matthew Njoroge Kabetu whose Vision for contributing to the education sector was birthed while he was pursuing his career as a Deputy Police Commissioner in our Nation of Kenya.

He has been keen in matters concerning education which is evident in his long serving career some of the positions he served in were as follows:-


He envisioned and initiated;


The Training Curriculum of Crime Investigation Department (C.I.D) Training School in 1988,



  • - Fraud Investigators Training Course in 1988,
  • - Police Middle Management Course in 1990
  • - Police Officers Senior Management Course in 1993, KIA, Kabete and Senior Police Officers Command Course at the Kenya Police Training College, Kiganjo
  • - Basic Management Course for Non-Commissioned Police Officers (1994), District Development Institute (DDI), Embu,
  • - Established the Anti Terrorism Police Unit in 2003,
  • - Aviation Safety and Security Supervisors Training in 2006,
  • - Safety and Security Staff Code of Conduct in 2006,
  • - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Handling Firearms at Airports in 2007,
  • - Airside Safety, Birds Strike and Hazard Identification and Risk Management Committees at Wilson Airport in 2007,
  • - Airside Safety Training Course in 2007,
  • - Wilson Airport’s Aerodrome Manual in 2008,
  • - Wilson Airport’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) Manual in 2008 and
  • - Aviation Security Orientation Course for Private Security Guards in 2008

On his retirement, the zeal for education spurred him on to venture into the Formal Educational sector. He decided to begin a Pre-school so as to have a role in laying a strong foundation that would prepare children for further education. He ploughed into his own resources to raise a one storey building which would see the Genesis of a Kindergarten.

Nairobi Upper Hill Junior Academy first opened its doors in January, 2oo6, and recruited qualified staff who shared in its vision and mission. The school then enrolled children from the surrounding environs but grew in numbers as the well run institution begun to register exceptional quality and good results.


As at this year (2016) the school has been in operation for the last Ten years. The experience of running the school has been great, we have steadily grown and we now know that it is time we took a step further and begun our Primary School section. This is in efforts to offer continuity for all our students and even attract students from other schools to our competitive platform.


One key unique feature of our Primary section shall be to focus highly on life skills that will enable the children to become, independent, responsible, confident, mature, reliable, and honest among other character traits and help them in school life and life after school. We strongly believe an education without excellent character building is incomplete the two must got together for an individual to achieve self actualization.


We welcome all parents to our school we have the experience, knowledge and passion to make your children responsible citizens of Kenya and the global society.



Providing opportunities for students to develop creative and critical problem-solving skills, as innovative learners, to meet dynamic global changes.



In partnership with the community, provide challenging curricula with high expectations for learning that develop productive citizens who can solve problems and contribute to a global society.



Education for Excellence