About Us


Founded in 2004, we are CBC curriculum based institution. Above that we give holistic learning approach allowing each student to learn at a comfortable pace. Our diversity approach allows us to incorporate supplementary activities that help students quickly learn without pressure and avoiding psychological emotional shocks.

Our Extra curriculum activities help accelerate and foster learning in a fun and friendly way. Some of them are swimming, Tennis, Football, Skating among man others that we offer.

We also encourage student to join clubs like Reading Club, Chess club, Drama Club, Spelling Bee Club, Debate Club, Math’s Club. They later are exposed to competitions with other club members to foster and encourage participation.

Each student is unique. We believe in teaching within the comfort zone of each child. Through these activities a child is able to choose their favorite and through her choice we teach and help her learn progressively.

It is out o this unique approach that has made us standout as attested by our parents and alumni students who graduated and called to National Institutions.

Our door is open for any parent who would want more information, We look forward to see you.

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